Supernatural Crack Fanfiction and Fanart - List of the fics/art alphabetically


All In A Day's Work by [info]lauren271190
Always Ready to Travel by [info]caffienekitty
Anatidaephobia by [info]martyred_wings
And a Cloak of Purple (With a Pair of Wings) by [info]tigriswolf
Ancient Penguin Evil by [info]silverruffian
Angel I like to Fcuk by [info]glass_fawn
Angelic Sins of Swords and Bloody Echoes by [info]familiardevil
Animal farm by [info]rinkle
Anoraknophobia by [info]martyred_wings
Ants by [info]dare_to_dream06
Antichrist V 2.0 by [info]pen37
Anything But Ordinary by [info]caffienekitty
Apocalypse . . . When? by [info]insomnia_geek
Awesome Adventures of Andy and Ava, part 1 by [info]kroki_refur
Awesome Adventures of Andy and Ava, part 2 by [info]kroki_refur
Awesome Adventures of Andy and Ava, part 3 by [info]kroki_refur
Awesome Adventures of Andy and Ava, part 4 by [info]kroki_refur
Awesome Adventures of Andy and Ava, part 5 by [info]kroki_refur
Aawfully big adventure by [info]irnan
Awkward by [info]insomnia_geek

Bad luck of Dean by [info]eesia
Battle Ballet by [info]themaskedmckay
Best Damn Pie in the World by [info]mariana_oconnor
Between a Quantum Rock and a Hard Place Part 1 by [info]caffienekitty
Between a Quantum Rock and a Hard Place Part 2 by [info]caffienekitty
Between a Quantum Rock and a Hard Place Part 3 by [info]caffienekitty
Bibbity Bobbity Who? by [info]hucknclem
Big Crack Attack by [info]twasadark
Billy Goat's Muff by [info]longhairedlady
Blue Butterflies by [info]eesia
Bobby and the Escort by [info]caffienekitty
Boldly Going, Going, Gone by [info]caffienekitty
Born Into a Bad Litter by [info]caffienekitty
Brokeback Mountain by [info]eesia
But I Am The Hammer by [info]force_oblique

C.O.A. (Chosen Ones Anonymous) by [info]tahirire
Cabbage Patch Kid by [info]rinkle
Call by [info]girlfan1979
Can you dance, God, like me, Dean Winchester? by [info]martyred_wings
Candy Corn Is Of The Devil by [info]unhobbityhobbit
Canned Sam - Interlude by [info]unhobbityhobbit
Castiel and the world's first cross dressing demon by [info]martyred_wings
Catman by [info]malcolm_stjay
Cheer Up, Emo Bear by [info]caffienekitty
Clad Only in a Sock by [info]maychorian
Claw by [info]ibroketuesday
Come Hell Or High Water by [info]platysseus
Comic by [info]mysteryof
Coming Up Short by [info]kellifer_fic
Conference Call by [info]caffienekitty
Conversation by [info]yasmine32068
Count On It by [info]pen37
Coyote Ugly by [info]ailleann23
Crack on a plane, or, one reason Sam Winchester rolls his eyes so much by [info]tahirire
Crossfire by [info]pen37
Crossfire Plus Three by [info]pen37
Culling of the Herd by [info]silverruffian
Curious Sam is curious by [info]martyred_wings
Cursed By Curiosity by [info]halfshellvenus
Curses, Foiled Again! by [info]bellatemple

Daddy was a Winchester (and I'm a son of a gun) by [info]pen37
Dead Zone by [info]bellatemple
Dean is from Mars, Everyone Else Comes from Venus by [info]longhairedlady
Dean Show Crack!Banner by [info]winchesterhaunt
Death and Taxes by [info]bellatemple
Death and Taxes II: Tax Accountant Boogaloo by [info]bellatemple
Demon in Paisley by [info]linda92595
Demon Overlord List by [info]bluegemeyes
Did You Ever See Such a Thing In Your Life? by [info]unhobbityhobbit
Dimensions and Verticals by [info]bellatemple
Disobliging Ways by [info]caffienekitty
Do Not Pass Go... by [info]insomnia_geek
Doggone by [info]killerweasel
Dude, you’re not riding my car! by [info]eesia

Effanineffable Secret by [info]caffienekitty
Emo Love by [info]glorfinniel
End Of All Things by [info]irnan
End of the World by [info]miss_seashelle
Even Living Legends Need Eggs by [info]belyste
Every Dog has it's Day by [info]jakisbishlygay

Fast Cars, Sweet Deals and Lust at First Sight by [info]pen37
Five Times Castiel Raises Dean From Perdition (in the space of about three hours) by [info]dramaqueen469
Five Times Lana Lang Was Hunted by [info]pen37
Flying South For a Con by [info]write_light
For Your Convenience by [info]minkmix
Four times Dean fixed Chloe's Car (and the one time he didn't) by [info]pen37
Friend Without a Face by [info]unhobbityhobbit
From The Treasury Of Least-Loved Fairytales by [info]halfshellvenus
Fungi to be With by [info]stopwatch_plz

Gag Reel Banner by [info]winchesterhaunt
Gang Goes Supernatural by [info]bellatemple
Gatorade by[info]ichigodattebayo
God knows I Want to Break Free by [info]unhobbityhobbit
Golden Hart by [info]linda92595
Gone to Hell in a Handbook by [info]bellatemple
Gone With The Wind by [info]longhairedlady
Greatest Hits of Mullet Rock by [info]fangirl1981
Guess who's coming for dinner? by [info]longhairedlady

Haiku! (God Bless You) by [info]superbadgirl
Halloween Apocalypse by [info]martyred_wings
Hell on Wheels by [info]naradragonfly
Hero Complex vs. Panties by [info]schweedie
Hic Volvo Non Volvet by [info]kroki_refur
Hook, Line and Sinker by [info]pen37
Horsemen Arrive by [info]definewisdom
How "Feast of Fools" turned Dean Winchester gay by [info]wiccaqueen
How It All Could Have Ended Up by [info]longhairedlady
How The Demon Might Have Been Defeated by [info]longhairedlady
How The Fort Became Dean's Favorite Store by [info]bluegemeyes
Hunt Like No Other by [info]annabeth_fics
Hunt that Sam Contrived by [info]samidha
Hunterlogs by [info]slytherinblack

I Am Just. Kidding You by [info]sockkiah
I don't likes pie anymore by [info]deansam67
I love you by [info]starrylizard
I loves you man-cock by [info]deansam67
Imagine that by [info]killerweasel
In Heaven We Have Nachos by [info]sockkiah
Ineffabilit by [info]tigriswolf
Inn at World’s End by [info]girlfan1979
Inner Child by [info]bellatemple
Irony by [info]pen37
It must be Wednesday by [info]tahirire
It's a Small, Small World by [info]bellatemple
It's a Wonderful Life by [info]longhairedlady
It's All About the Wealth Re-Distribution by [info]pen37
It's all fun and games until someone loses a hand by [info]pen37
I've Got Wings, I Can Fly by [info]shadowofcastiel

Jared Padalecki Rumored to Have Visited the Infamous Chicken Ranch by [info]ldyghstwhisprer
Jester Stole His Thorny Crown by [info]irnan
John Who? by [info]unhobbityhobbit
John's phobia by [info]girlfan1979
Joys of Growing Old by [info]unhobbityhobbit
Just Like Cherry Cola by [info]thehighwaywoman

Killing Rights by [info]definewisdom
King Misha and the Pit of Despair by [info]autumn_lilacs
Klingon Battle Cruiser Off My Starboard Bow by [info]yasmine32068
Kripke's Staff by [info]write_light

Land of Men & Booze by [info]glass_fawn
Legal Advice by [info]longhairedlady
Life In Paradox by [info]neutraldeviance
Life Omen by [info]pen37
Like The Rifle by [info]insomnia_geek
Little Sam-White by [info]write_light
Lock and Load by [info]tahirire
Looking After Yourself by [info]longhairedlady

M-Preg Photo by [info]linda92595
Make It Sound So Wrong by [info]warrior_soldier
Man That Would Be King by [info]ashlesha17
Mechanics Of An Impala Fanboy by [info]godamnarmsrace
Modern Conveniences by [info]isaacsapphire
Monster by [info]eesia
More Compelling Argument by [info]pen37
Most Greatest Game by [info]sockkiah
Mouths of Children by [info]maychorian
Move Over Big Dog by [info]pen37
Musical Education of Sam Winchester, Errant College Boy by[info]samidha
My Mother the Car by[info]pen37
My Pants... by[info]ichigodattebayo

Natural by [info]longhairedlady
Night of Possession by [info]unhobbityhobbit
No man is a hero to his valet by [info]girlfan1979
Noes! Not the Impala! by [info]deansam67
Not Like He Imagined by [info]mneiai
Nothing To Do! by [info]teardrop_tattoo

Odd Couple by [info]longhairedlady
Of body swaps, Pixies and mole men by [info]teardrop_tattoo
Of Mice and Men by [info]linda92595
On the Road Again by [info]definewisdom
One Morning, Dean Was Different by [info]my_sam_dean
One Where Sam is Dazzling by [info]samidha
oogh by [info]glorfinniel
Outsider by [info]longhairedlady

Paraskevidekatriaphobia by [info]ailleann23
Perilous Time Travel by [info]unhobbityhobbit
Personal Grooming and the Modern Man by [info]twasadark
Phobia by [info]definewisdom
Penguins Are Stealing My Sanity by [info]aelfsiden
Pirates of Pineridge Parts 1-3 by [info]kriptkeeper
Pirates of Pineridge Parts 4 by [info]kriptkeeper
Pirates of Pineridge Parts 5 by [info]kriptkeeper
Product Misplacement by [info]caffienekitty

Quatloos to Gummy Bears by [info]caffienekitty

Radio Nowhere by [info]jules1013
Rain Rippling over Muscled Abs by [info]starrylizard
Real Reason Dean Owns the Impala by [info]linda92595
Real Reason John Winchester Left Jericho, California by [info]darthkit
Red Bull Gives You... by [info]caffienekitty
Rule number one by [info]girlfan1979

Saga of Sam's Randomly Appearing Faxes by [info]annabeth_fics
Sam Bakes a Pie by [info]davincis_girl
Sam, Chloe and the Naked Teenage Wiccan Newbie Adventure by [info]pen37
Sam in a Can by [info]unhobbityhobbit
Sammy's Cookie Picture Story by [info]yasmine32068
Seal Cas by [info]sockkiah
Seal Fic 1 by [info]sockkiah
Seal Fic 2 by [info]sockkiah
Seal Fic 3 by [info]sockkiah
Seal Fic 4 by [info]sockkiah
Seal Fic 5 by [info]sockkiah
Seal Fic 6 by [info]sockkiah
Seasons Change and So Do I by [info]caffienekitty
Secrets, Herb, and Spice Channel by [info]kimonkey7
See how Dean's brain works by [info]davincis_girl
Send in the Clowns by [info]pen37
Seven Times Dean Winchester Didn't Kill A Fugly (And The Two Times He Did) by [info]silverruffian
Shadow Knows by [info]pen37
Shadow Lands, part 1 by [info]linda92595
Shadow Lands, part 2 by [info]linda92595
Shadow Lands, part 3 by [info]linda92595
Shadow Lands, part 4 by [info]linda92595
Sibling Rivalry by [info]pen37
Silly Macros #1 by [info]linda92595
Sincerest Form Of Flattery by [info]irnan
Single Soul Dwelling In Two Bodies by [info]tigriswolf
Siriusly by [info]bellatemple
Snakes and arrows by [info]killerweasel
Snakes on a Train by [info]starhawk2005
Some Like It Hot (Apparently) by [info]longhairedlady
Something to Do by [info]teardrop_tattoo
Sound of Angels Bowling by [info]sockkiah
Space Cowboys - but not really by [info]nyxlily
St. Peter Never Mentioned This by [info]pen37
Stay Puft Marshmallow Dean by [info]nomelon
Stick in the Mud by [info]sprbitch1313
Subconsciously Yours Part 1 by [info]dare_to_dream06
Sucker for olives by [info]killerweasel
Superbadfic by [info]pen37
Superbadfic II: When Fangirls attack! by [info]pen37
Superbadfic III: Dude Looks Like a Lady by [info]pen37
Superbadfic IV: Who Are You, Mary Sue? by [info]pen37
Superbadfic V: Canonize This! by [info]pen37
Superbadfic VI: This Looks Like A Job For... by [info]pen37
Superbadfic VII: When Good Fictives Go Bad... by [info]pen37
Superbadfic VIII: Fate's Lightning Rod... by [info]pen37
Superbadfic IX: Do we really need to get into this? by [info]pen37
Superbadfic X: It Slices, It Dices, It Surgerizes! by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XI: You Fight Like A Girl! by [info]clarksmuse
Superbadfic XII: Wee Free Men... by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XIII: Constructive Criticism by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XIV: I don't speak Leagalish by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XV: The Unwilling Sues by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XVI: Sam Winchester For the Defense by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XVI: Sam Winchester For the Defense by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XVII: The Girl With the Eye by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XVIII: Like Shooting Fish in a Barell by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XIX: You read the darndest things on FF.Net by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XX: Alphabet Soup by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XXI: Licence to Thrill by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XXII: Super. Bad. Friends. by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XXIII: Don't Fear the Legion by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XXIV: Wish Fulfillment FTW! by [info]pen37
Superbadfic XXV: Pure Crack by [info]pen37
Supernatural Episode Mash-ups by [info]caffienekitty
Supernatural the Musical! by [info]spndpfrdcrck
Sweet Talk by [info]halfshellvenus

Tale of Cinder-Dean by [info]write_light
Tale of Teenie Weenie Deanie (And His Brother, the Meanie) by [info]maychorian
Tainted By Evil 2: Taint Harder by [info]unhobbityhobbit
Teenie Weenie Sequel by [info]maychorian
That Day Castiel Got Turned Into A Robin by [info]autumn_lilacs, [info]just_ruth, [info]maharet83, [info]maychorian, [info]mrstotten, [info]pez_gurl, [info]samidha, [info]tahirire
Therapy by [info]starhawk2005
There Will Be A Door by [info]tigriswolf
There's No Such Thing As Free Hamburgers by [info]halfshellvenus
They Were Baby Blue by [info]shades_of_hades
Thing About Glass Slippers by [info]krisomniac
Thing With Feathers by [info]bellatemple
Third Man by [info]longhairedlady
This Isn't The Coda You're Looking For by [info]nomelon
Through The Thin Walls by [info]eesia
Transference by [info]ibroketuesday
Trick-Or-Treat? by [info]aelfsiden
Truth from the brown haired man by [info]dare_to_dream06
Tutus, Tiaras, and Tantrums by [info]alakewood

Unicorn Who Apologized For Stealing Hot Pockets by [info]sockkiah
Unicorn Who Crashed the Garrison’s Pool Party by [info]maskedfangirl
Unicorn Who Helped Sam Reclaim His Childhood by [info]sockkiah
Unicorn Who Interrupted an Angel of the Lord by [info]sockkiah
Unicorn Who Made Sam Deeply Uncomfortable by [info]maskedfangirl
Unicorn Who Ruined a Patented Winchester Heart-to-Heart by [info]maskedfangirl
Unicorn Who Used Up Dean’s Shampoo by [info]maskedfangirl
Untitled by [info]tigriswolf
Untitled hug fic by [info]starrylizard
Upsettling Thoughts on the End of Days by [info]irnan

Vaccinium Cyanococcus by [info]dreamlittleyo and [info]nomelon
Vertigo by [info]longhairedlady
Vid by [info]yasmine32068
Vociferance by [info]caffienekitty
Voodoo Dick by [info]linda92595

Watch Out for Falling Anvils by [info]pen37
Well, Aren't You Just A Broadway Baby? by [info]schweedie
Well of Souls by [info]girlfan1979
Werewolf Diaries (Day 1-15/100 days) by [info]pen37
Werewolf Diaries (Day 16-32/100 days) by [info]pen37
Werewolf Diaries (Day 33-41/100 days) by [info]pen37
Werewolf Diaries (Day 42-59/100 days) by [info]pen37
Werewolf Diaries (Day 60-68/100 days) by [info]pen37
Werewolf Diaries (Day 70-85/100 days) by [info]pen37
Werewolf Diaries (Day 85-100/100 days) by [info]pen37
Wet paint by [info]deadflowers5
What Could Have Happened Next by [info]longhairedlady
What if Bloody Mary Died in a Different Room? by [info]unhobbityhobbit
What Might Have Happened After by [info]longhairedlady
What They Did While Sam Was At School (part 1) by[info]ichigodattebayo
What They Did While Sam Was At School (part 2) by[info]ichigodattebayo
When Dean Met Mr Fluffy by [info]definewisdom
When I'm Blue by [info]caffienekitty
When in Rome by [info]longhairedlady
When reality meets imaginary by [info]eesia
Where Monsters Fear to Roam by [info]caffienekitty
White Moose by [info]starrylizard
Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea? by [info]tigriswolf
Why Winchesters Don't Do "Take Your Kid to Work Day" by [info]pen37
When there is no doubt you have to see a doctor by [info]nashirah
Whose Bright Idea Was this? by [info]pen37
Winchester Plot, Part 1 by [info]ultraviolet9a
Winchester Plot, Part 1 by [info]ultraviolet9a
Winchester Sims by [info]unhobbityhobbit
Winter Angst by [info]dare_to_dream06
Wishful Speaking 1 by [info]sockkiah
Wishful Speaking 2 by [info]sockkiah
Wishful Speaking 3 by [info]sockkiah
With Apologies to O Henry by [info]pen37
World of Gray by [info]sprbitch1313

Yellow Eyes Look Good On You by [info]samidha
Yes, I am slightly unhinged by [info]unhobbityhobbit
You Can't Fool Me (He's a Pirate) by [info]pen37
You think this is hard? Try being the Michael Sword - that's hard! by [info]maskedfangirl
You Would Cry Too, If It Happened To You by [info]superbadgirl